Okay, so last night my radio station gave a trip to LONDON to see GaGa and you had to get qualified in order to win. Well, I had just found out the night before about the contest because I don't get good reception in my car anymore. So of course there was 2 more chances to get qualified by texting Gaga and being the 97th text when u hear a Gaga song anyway, I didn't get qualified (and if you did you won a pair of Heartbeats headphones) and me along with my brother were listening to the radio all night for the 2 Gaga songs to play and we texted as soon as they were over and must've sent 500 texts (I kept hitting re-send almost every second). Anyway this cunt named "Maria" who didn't sound nearly as excited as someone should be when they're winning tickets to fly half way across the world to see the Queen perform live! I can gurantee that bitch did not deserve them. I would've passed out if I won those, I'm almost had a heart attack the night before when I found out about the contest. I ended up shedding some tears later in the evening after listening to some radio interviews GaGa did talking about the next tour and knowing that I might not get to see it.

This is the second time my radio station held a flyway to see GaGa (the first was in December to see her in NYC). The real kicker is I emailed the promotions staff asking if they would have a Lady GaGa contest before the giveaway, and they did. They were originally giving away tickets to see Mariah Carey which they later switched out for Gaga after I emailed them. I know I'll see her for sure when the tour comes back to the US, hopefully.

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Ke$ha performs ‘TiK ToK’ in Cincinnati the show was sponsored by KISS FM, the first radio station to play TiK ToK. Just like the song says the DJ blew her speakers up at the end and you hear her sing the end of the song acappella.